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This weeks black cock conversion comes from the land of sauerkraut, beer, and apaprently white girls deprived of black dick. I felt it was my duty to show this white slut what she's been missing and Sledgehammer was there to help me. Sledge is one of my favorite fuck buddies since his fat thug cock stretches my white pussy out which is why it wasn't hard delivering my black baby. Annette wanted in on my fun wo we took our black guy on a trip to white pussy city but Annette's ass was not to be ignored. She is a self lubricator and her 3rd imput took his fat black dick with relative ease. Her ass juices tastes so good as I sucked his cock moments after it was up her shitpipe. We dined on a hot ,sticky blast of his jizz which tasted delicious! She went back to Germany and now converts the girls there to black cock as well. She's doing humanitarian work, if you ask me.

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Member horny**** Said:
annette schwartz is very hot german baby and a ideal for all german babes and i think she converted a lot of german woman to follow her...

Member RJJOH**** Said:
Everything is great, except that annette is a fat ass.

Member blaqu**** Said:
Annette is a fucking winner all day son! Ruth is starting to look a little worn. She made need a small vacation from the biz. maybe 3-4 mos tops. start relaxing hon.

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